High quality standards

Our working procedures and equipments meet all quality and safety standards required by the market and are fully recognised and approved by our customers.


Highly skilled technicians are constantly committed to keep the highest quality level

Our quality control and R&D laboratories are equipped with the most advanced instruments to meet all standard regulations and customers’ quality requests.
We collaborate with the major external institutions for any specific analysis, research or needs.


Albis works diligently to reduce the impact on the environment of its manufacturing processes and products.

We are constantly looking for:

  • Raw materials from renewable sources
  • Energy savings
  • Production wastes recycling

Albis International S.r.l.

Vicolo Santa Maria alla Porta, n. 1 - 20123 Milano - IT
S.S. 142, n. 102 – 13060 Roasio (VC) - IT
CEE: IT 06982960962
P.IVA/C.F.: 06982960962
REA: n. 1926934 C.C.I.A.A. MILAN
REA: € 1.300.000 I.V.


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