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CURACELL® is a new generation of nonwovens manufactured with a recently patented technology . 
The concept is an absorbent media made of PP spunbond filaments ,Pulp and other Polymers . 

The peculiar technology used in the bonding process of CURACELL® 
ensures a totally lint free surface.
The result is a multilayer absorbent web, ideal not only for 
all kind of wipes, both wet and dry, but even for any kind of substrate where the absorbtion of liquids is required  .


The key aspect of CURACELL® is that no water is used in its process.

Water is the bonding media used in the SPUNLACE process. 
That water must be absolutely removed from nonwoven, since its presence even in form of a low grade of humidity can cause a lot of troubles when converting the nonwoven to wet wipes


Consider that a substrate which is not completely dry may lead to the formation of mould, fungi and bacteria .
Those may not be detected in the rolls, but can possibly virulently grow in your packed wipes !

CURACELL® will eliminate the risk of contamination of your wet wipes induced by the substrate, thanks to its dry process.


The CURACELL process requires NO USE of chemicals either for the recovery of water or to keep the plant safe and clean.


 The CURACELL® process requires NO USE of chemicals. Neither for the cleaning of process water nor to keep the plant safe and clean.

Consequently CURACELL® will not generate any “Special Waste”, to be disposed with special procedures , high costs and high impact on the environment.


This aspect is not affecting the quality of the product, but DO help reducing the impact on the environment !

Compared to other processes for the production of wiping substrates, CURACELL® has a lower demand of energy and a reduced use of raw materials from non renewable sources.

This will be finally optimized when the spunbond will be made of 100% PLA, a renewable and compostable polymer.

Once spunbond will be of 100% PLA, wipes will be then 100% compostable and 100% from renewable sources

  • No consumption of oil based resources
  • A big improvement of the sustainability profile of your wet wipes

CURACELL® has a surface pattern that makes it identifiable among other wiping materials and makes it ideal to personalize your wipes

CURACELL® comes in a range of grammages from 35 to 70 gsm and liquid absorbtion values (L.A.C.)  from 600 to 800 %

CURACELL® keeps its form : even squeezed it tends to recover its original form


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